How Many Boxes Do You Need? Moving Tips!

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Local moving can be stressful even in anyone’s life, no matter if you moved before or it is your first time moving. The biggest and the most time-consuming task of every local move is packing. The process of packing for a local move is simply unthinkable without cardboard boxes.First thing you should consider is finding a movers and packers in Torrance and in that case you can get packing material from them and you won’t have to worry about a single thing when it comes to your relocation. On the other hand,if you decide to pack up your personal belongings yourself, you should know that you will need moving boxes for everything except your furniture pieces and home appliances. Moving boxes come in various sizes and they are adequate protection for your personal items. Just imagine placing everything in a moving truck without boxes. Probably none of your belongings would get to your new home in one piece. So the first question you have to ask yourself is – How many boxes do I need to pack up my home?

This is a very complex question because the answer depends on a variety of reasons. Every home is different and unique, so it is impossible to determine the exact number of boxes required to complete your packing job. This is why you should leave enough time and avoid last minute packing because it will make packing very stressful. Even though calculating the exact number of moving boxes is not possible, we have few good tips that can help you out.

You don’t want to get too many packing boxes, because you will have to pay for them and you will be left wondering what to do with them. On the other hand, you don’t want to buy less than needed because you will lose your precious time going to Home Depot to get more. If you wanna go by statistics, it shows that the average number of boxes that you need is around 60. But again, your move is probably different than that and here is what affects it.

Number of rooms. This one is simple and obvious, but the more rooms you have = the more boxes you will need. It is not the same when you are moving a 1 bedroom apartment compared to a 4 bedroom house. You can find an online calculator that is based on the number of bedrooms inside your home.

Square footage. This one is similar to the number of bedrooms, but it is even more precise. There is a difference between 1 bedroom apartment that is around 500 square feet and the one that is twice bigger.

Number of people. The more people live in a residence, the more personal belongings there will be for packing and moving. This is a trick that a lot of moving companies are using and they calculate between 20 and 25 boxes per person and between 10-15 boxes per kid. This trick might be the most precise one.

How many years you spent in the home. The more years you spent in your home, the bigger is the possibility that you gathered and collected many things that you might not even know that you own at this point.

The way your home is styled. Are you a minimalist when it comes to collecting material belongings? Or maybe you live in a home that is full of details and souvenirs? The right amount of boxes will depend on your kind of lifestyle as well.

Moving plans. Moving is an ideal opportunity to get rid of some belongings that you don’t need. If you are planning to throw a garage sale, to donate items to the Goodwill or to give some of the items to your friends and family, you will need less boxes than you might think at first.

There is a difference when it comes to the size of a moving box as well. There are small, medium, large and extra large moving boxes. A simple rule that moving companies are using is to pack the heaviest items into the smallest box. You should pay attention not to overpack the boxes because it is not safe. So think about some specific belongings that you have and plan your purchase based on that.

Some boxes are even specialized for particular belongings. So you can find wardrobe boxes that are used for hanging clothes. Usually these boxes are provided by a local moving company that you are using free of charge, because they will take them back after the move is done. Dish pack is great for packing breakable items such as plates, glasses or delicate antique items/ They are double-walled and that is what gives them a maximum protection for anything too fragile. Dish pack is more expensive than the regular box, but it is worth the investment. Mirror and picture boxes are designed to keep framed items safe during the relocation. Any type of specific boxes is a bit pricier than the regular ones, but you will be 100% sure that your items will be safe.