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Having professionals providing you with the moving help with a moving project that doesn’t involve using moving vehicles is often referred to as labor-only moving. Loading and unloading trucks or POD are the most common labor jobs that we perform, but there are many others, as well.

We will cover the most common types of labor only moving services we provide, but we want to emphasize that even if you have the vision of something unique, we are certain that the experience and skills The One Movers Torrance teams have will be exactly what’s needed to help you out.

What will our professionals for labor
moving Torrance help you with?

Our team is trained to safely and professionally take care of the heavy lifting. It is essential to safely wrap furniture before you place it in the moving truck or POD. We know how to utilize the space in your moving truck and to make sure that everything can fit, that is why it is very important to disassemble furniture before.

That will all be performed by our moving team. In case you need help with unloading or loading a truck in LA, we will reassemble back your furniture and place it where it should be.

The other type of labor job is internal where our team will help you rearrange furniture, clear space for a party or an event, stage your home for sale, or move large items inside your home. In other words - no matter what type of labor move you need, we will help you to offer you our moving help safely and efficiently.

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Budget-friendly labor moving Torrance is right here!

The One Movers Torrance is offering all-inclusive rates without anything charged on top. We know how important a budget is for an upcoming move, so we want to offer you the opportunity to plan it in the best possible way.

When you decide to have our movers give you a hand moving heavy furniture, or help you unload/loading truck in LA - or basically any other labor-only moving project, the best part about it is the moving insurance that is included throughout!

A thing to remember: The rates that we are offering in The One Movers Torrance are affordable and all-inclusive.

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The booking process for getting
moving help is very simple!

All you need to do in order to make a reservation with The One Movers Torrance is give us a call or request a free, nonobligatory moving quote online. Our team will in that case reach back, and collect all the necessary information in order to provide you with the full quote!

If you decide to call us, you should bear in mind we are there every day until the late afternoon hours, taking care of your moving plans and questions. In case something goes off the hill, you can always rely on our Customer Care Agents to be by your side.

Our staff will not only help you schedule your move, but they will also answer any questions you may have about your labor-only moving project.