Top 5 Best Areas of LA for Moving To!

Los Angeles is one of the most desirable places to live in California! It’s a dream of many, so if you are planning to move to Los Angeles, you will have to decide where exactly because there are more than 80 different neighborhoods. Finding a perfect neighborhood is not that hard because there is something for everyone in this city, no matter what needs and wishes you have. We had a very tough task in front of us and that is to pick top 5 neighborhoods in this wonderful city!


Burbank is a perfect city if you are new in Los Angeles, because you can experience it the best here. It is located below the slopes of the Verdugo Hills and it is major entertainment companies – Disney, NBC, ABC, Warner Bros. Studio and the Burbank Studios. If you always had a dream to become a movie star, this is the right place to start! If you are moving with your family and kids, you should know that few of these studios are organizing tours for kids. Downtown Burbank is packed with shops, restaurants and businesses, so you will have fun exploring your options here. Burbank is, like the rest of the Los Angeles area, a great place to spend time outdoors. You can check one of the two dozen parks, swimming pools, basketball fields, picnic spots etc. Check out The Burbank Farmers’ Market and get fresh products. Schools in Burbank are top rated and you can find both public and private.


Torrance is a very vibrant and vivid neighborhood where you will find something for yourself. It is a great place if you are looking for a fresh start when it comes to your career, you won’t have issues finding a job in Torrance. If you are family-oriented, there are highly-rated schools here as well. When you have free time, you can enjoy in one of the 30 parks where you can walk, jog or run. Beach is always a good idea, of course! Torrance is a big city with diverse things to do. There are also many restaurants where you can try diverse food and everything is more than tasty. Torrance can offer you a lot of hidden gems where you can hike or just enjoy the view. If you are looking for a place to start your family, settle down and raise your kids. It is a quiet and safe town.

Long Beach

Long Beach is an ideal city for those who are looking for a place where they can relax and just enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. It is located halfway between Los Angeles and Orange County and it is a favorite destination for many people when summer arrives. It feels like living in LA, but smaller and cozier. Long Beach has a small-town vibe, but it is a vibrant city full of arts and culture. If you enjoy traveling or you need to travel because of your work, you will appreciate that Long Beach has its own airport. Festivals are a big deal here, they are held almost every weekend. Long Beach is a city of diversity, so you will find different food as well, people are friendly and welcoming, so you will meet lots of cultures. If you are a taco lover, you will find the best tacos here! Long Beach is a big city, although it has a small-town vibe, so there are many great schools.

Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey is an ideal location for those who love the coastline. You will want to buy a boat immediately. There are many marina activities, world famous beaches and the best restaurants in Los Angeles. When you are not enjoying one of the restaurants, you can go to water activities, biking on one of the paths and cruises. There are 3 schools around, so if you are planning to move to Marina Del Rey you should think about different options for schools that are around. Everything is easily accessible from Marina Del Rey. If you decide to move to Marina Del Rey, get an apartment because they all have gorgeous views. It is not only about enjoyment, Marina Del Rey is a strong business community, especially for tech employees. Marina Del Rey is located on the Southern California coastline and it is an ideal location if you have a boat. Surrounded by award winning restaurants, world famous beaches, unlimited marina activities – there is something for everyone. If you are a foodie, Marina del Rey would make your life just perfect. There are water activities, biking paths and cruises that you can enjoy during your free time. With just 3 schools around, you might consider another neighborhood if you are moving with your kids. But they can commute to any school in the neighborhood, because everything is easily accessible from Marina Del Rey. Marina del Rey is great for apartment living, you will enjoy gorgeous views from your window or balcony that can’t be beaten by any other location. Crime is also low in this city. Marina del Rey is perfect for those who are seeking a place to start their career, because this is a strong business community. Recently the neighborhood has become popular for tech employees.

Santa Monica

If you are looking for a city where the quality of life is highly ranked, you should look no further than Santa Monica. First thing you should know is that Santa Monica is an eco friendly city where city buses run on natural gas, vehicles run on alternative fuels and buildings must comply with green building codes. There are bike paths all over the city, so it is very simple to maintain an active lifestyle. Beach is there, lots of parks, farmer’s markets etc. so you will love spending your time here. Third Street Promenade is an amazing shopping district in the city. Check out one of the cafes, restaurants and bakeries. Don’t miss open air movie screenings, music venues and live theaters that are available throughout the year. It is recognized as one of the top rated school districts. Living in Santa Monica is not cheap, but it is definitely worth it!

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